Learn Norwegian in a new way

Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 plus
help to pass the different exams

Online lessons in a virtual classroom, Skype*. We use camera and microphone, so that you can see and speak to the teacher and other participants. Save time and money, no need to travel, and all done from your own home.

*Earlier I have used Adobe Connect Meeting, WizIQ, Zoom and Teams, but the only program I'm really content with is Skype. It has all the functions I need, and most people know it and have it.

Learn to speak, listen, write, read and use the language.

I follow the methodology of South West University, where you are taught in a natural way, not just with books and grammar, but also through conversation and practicing.

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What can you learn on each level?

A1: Greetings, the time, family, food, talk about what you do, the weather, clothes, colours, months, education, and work.

A2: Spare time, school, looking for work, CV, health, parties and holidays, traditions, media, culture and a bit about Norway.

B1: Work, social life, housing, economy, health and food, immigation, emigration, culture, tradition, looking for work, setting up your CV, Norway - before and now, the welfare state.

B2: Norway, everyday life, school and education, work, climate, environment, history, Norwegian artists, politics and more.

B1-C1: slang, idioms, insults and profanities - what they mean and how they are used. (No need to use profanities, but it's ok to understand them.)

Or you can choose how you want to learn, and choose the topic.

Who am I?
My name is Ellen Skogheim. 19 of the last 20 years I have worked as a teacher. First 9 years in the Norwegain school system, then 10 as an online teacher, after a 1 year break.

I've had several hundred students from more than 40 different countries. Physicians, nurses, psychologists, engineers, architects, lawyers, filmmakers, docents, accountants and many more have learned Norwegian from me.

Furthermore, I not only use English as a contact language, I also speak Spanish and a good deal of German (which I have decided to brush up after many years of not using it).

For me, it's not just a job, it's also a life style. I enjoy meeting new of people, learning about their language and culture, and seeing them fulfill their dreams of learning Norwegian.

Prices: from 30 euros kroner per hour.



21.09.2021 20:53

P. Shopov

Hi, could you be so kind to send me more information about the norwegian language course for nurses?

24.09.2021 12:12


At this time we do not give courses, due to lack of interest. But we do give private lessons, and all the material is for free.